PLDT Enterprise certifies Promotexter as official A2P partner

by: November 2021

PLDT Enterprise certifies Promotexter as official A2P partner

PLDT Enterprise certifies Promotexter as official A2P partner

In recognition of their contribution to the A2P SMS aggregator industry, PLDT Enterprise and Smart announced its official partnership with Promotexter Philippines, Inc. With this certification, Promotexter solidifies its reputation as a provider of SMS services, including SMS Blast and A2P SMS Messaging such as One Time Passwords, to local and international businesses.

A2P Partnership

PLDT Enterprise continues to strengthen the years of partnership with Promotexter by recognizing them as their official A2P messaging partner. Shown here are (from left, sitting) Jovy I. Hernandez, President & CEO of ePLDT and SVP & Head of PLDT & Smart Enterprise Business Groups; Philip Davis, Promotexter President, and CEO; (standing) Josh Montecillo, PLDT Enterprise Wireless Platform Solutions Category Head; John Eric Alviz, Smart VP & Head of Enterprise Core Wireless Solutions; Joseph Ian Gendrano, PLDT Enterprise FVP & Head of Core Business Solutions; Chris Keys, Promotexter Chief Product Officer; Salvador Tapel III, Promotexter Solutions Architect; Gennete Paccial, Director of Sales and Account Management of Promotexter; Mariciris Retondo, Promotexter Finance Manager; Antonio Rodovan, PLDT Enterprise AVP and Head of Gaming and POGOs; Albert Mitchell Locsin, PLDT Enterprise First Vice President; Vic Tria, PLDT Enterprise First Vice President; Marlon Alberto, Senior Relationship Manager.

A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Messaging, one of the fastest-growing service markets in the industry, is the process of sending mobile messages from an application to a mobile user. Businesses integrate SMS into their offerings to provide improved security (for example through OTP – One Time Passwords) as well as increased convenience such as provided by logistics notifications or payment notifications.

The certification aims to serve as a testament to Promotexter’s commitment to its clients and partners. Likewise, it highlights the company’s authority to send A2P messages—setting them apart from the competition and illegitimate channels such as grey routes and SIM boxes.

Philip Davis, Promotexter President, and CEO welcomed the official partnership saying, “We came from humble beginnings when the industry started in Hong Kong in 2007. Together with Smart, we were able to solidify in the Philippines as one of the leading telco agnostic providers for SMS services. Together, we have been able to grow the business and are now proud to offer businesses access to powerful SMS Marketing tools as well as A2P services.”

Promotexter’s partnership with PLDT Enterprise began in 2013 when they first subscribed to Enhanced Sun Message Cast Pro or eMCPro service. Since then, the former’s volumes have grown steadily—and the partnership has proven to be instrumental to enabling the Promotexter to respond to the growing needs of their clients. With Promotexter’s SMS volumes projected to increase even more over coming years, PLDT Enterprise has signified its commitment to continue supporting their needs and capabilities.

SVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups and ePLDT President & CEO Jovy Hernandez recalled, “We at PLDT Enterprise express our gratitude to Promotexter for their trust and partnership throughout the years. We commend their initiatives in pushing for the growth of the A2P industry here in the country and we signify support for their endeavors through this fortified partnership.”


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