Looking for the best local partner
Finding the right local partner is key to your business messaging success!
Global versus Local? There are many regional and international SMS aggregators and cloud communication providers who have the scale and ...
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Viber Call-To-Action Thumbnail
Viber’s Call-to-Action Button is the Ultimate Driver to Sales Conversion
Marketing is a discipline that covers almost every aspect of our business and daily life, but if marketing had one ...
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SMS in the Philippines: Still the most viable business messaging channel?
With the growing variety of options for communicating with your customers, is there still a future for SMS in the ...
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Adapting your Marketing Strategy for the Post COVID-19 Era
COVID-19 has undoubtedly hit almost every business in the world, one way or another. And has driven businesses and consumers ...
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All about messaging API
What is a Messaging API? Let’s start with a bigger question…”What is an API?”. Well API stands for Application Programming ...
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Using SMS Blast Software to Reach Your Audience
Even today, when so much personal communication uses internet based chat, the one method that will reach all your contacts ...
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10 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing
Whether you are a small business or an international company, looking for ways to increase your revenue is usually one ...
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Is SMS Marketing still relevant for Business?
The Boy Who Cried Wolf! Having been in the SMS Marketing industry for over 10 years, rumours of the death of ...
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Viber Business Messaging
The fight is over! Prior to Viber Business Messaging, marketers have had two main choices for an outbound campaign, SMS ...
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