Why you can’t ignore the rise of Viber Ads

by: Elizabeth Davies - March 2021

Why you can’t ignore the rise of Viber Ads

Building and sustaining a strong brand isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days where you could rely on a narrow range of lead generation touchpoints and tactics. While traditional social media platforms, email marketing and even the simple SMS text message still have their place in the marketing mix, the realm of B2B and B2C advertising is undergoing an exciting metamorphosis. 

Specifically, messaging app advertising is increasingly being recognised as the smart way forward for businesses seeking to win new customers and engage their existing ones more meaningfully. But what if you could integrate this lever with both desktop and mobile ads? Wouldn’t that be more powerful still? 

Well, the answer is ‘yes’… and the good news is that it’s becoming more readily available to any size of business in the form of Viber Ads, giving businesses an impactful new asset to complement their existing marketing toolkit.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to understand the potential value and power of Viber’s advertising product feature.


Viber – a pioneer in messaging platform innovation

Viber has established itself as a leader and visionary in the realm of platform-based messaging and has over 1.1 billion users across 190 countries. It’s the most popular messaging platform in the Philippine market, with 71% penetration.

By complementing its existing offering of Business Messaging and chat bots with Viber Ads, Viber is enabling new ways for brands to ensure that their audiences see and interact with their content over mobile and desktop applications. 


The nuts and bolts…

Viber Ads provides the springboard you need to grow your customer base by drawing the attention of new prospects. This perfectly complements Viber’s existing Business Messaging service which allows brands to diversify their outreach and engagement with their existing customer base. .

Thoughtfully blending Viber advertising across desktop and mobile devices lets you make an impact at several touchpoints in the marketing funnel, and ultimately draw buyers to your checkout page. 

So, now let’s take a look at the types of advertising and the various devices and form factors that it accommodates. 


Viber Ads on mobile 

Here’s a high-level overview of the key features of Viber Ads for mobile:


Post call

Capture your audience after they have made a free call on Viber. With a full size image or video, this media placement is particularly good if your goal is branding and awareness. 

Once a user has ended a call, an ad will display. It can be visually rich and contain a short text and images that link to a URL. This enables you to track user interaction with your ad.


Call tab

This is a native banner ad which subtly appears in the call tab screen. 

The ad is presented with calls and contacts on one screen. As shown in the example below, the ad appears in the user’s call list. This allows you to reach people before they place calls.


Main chat screen

Placement on the main chat screen gives the highest impressions and best performing click through rates (“CTRs”).

This is the most commonly viewed screen on the Viber mobile interface. The ad is presented along with all the user’s mobile chats.


More Tab

Finally, this placement allows you to expand your audience as they tinker around their profile page, by using Viber stickers, and other calling features.


Viber Ads on desktop

Desktop view includes both banner display and video ads. It’s a great location for your ads because it’s the only one presented on that screen.

Video ads

A 300×250 pixel video ad at the bottom of the contact list.


Powerful targeting capability

The ads you feature on Viber can be segmented to target any specific types of users you’re looking to reach by age, gender, location and more.

Viber’s Full Media Service

The real beauty of Viber Ads is that Viber will create a customized media plan, based on your branding or call-to-action goals. You may choose your preferred media placements, banner or video options, targeting, duration of the campaign, and more. 

Viber also offers post-campaign media analysis with data driven recommendations which will help you to optimise your next campaign further. 

In the digital world, change is a mandate, not an option, for businesses seeking to not just survive but thrive. 

So, don’t just seek attention. Get it and keep it. As an Official Viber Partner, Promotexter now offers Viber Ads as an extension to our existing mobile engagement product suite. Contact us today and let us help you get started!


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