Using SMS Blast Software to Reach Your Audience

by: Julia King

Using SMS Blast Software to Reach Your Audience

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Even today, when so much personal communication uses internet based chat, the one method that will reach all your contacts is SMS text messages. People inherently still understand the effectiveness of SMS blast to communicate with personal contacts, yet underestimate the value this can bring to their business.

This is a huge oversight because text messaging is such an effective way to gain the attention of potential customers and build relationships with existing ones.

Using SMS blast software is the best way to reach masses of people at once which makes it the perfect marketing tool for just about all businesses, no matter how big or small.

In the past, sending an SMS blast was challenging. You needed to buy hardware and software and even then faced limitations on volumes and sending speed. These days SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions use cloud based systems to take all the hard work out of sending an SMS blast.

Using a blast service you can be sending in minutes, however be aware of the following Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you maximise your investment and avoid breaching Privacy laws.

DO’s & DONT’s

Sending constant messages to people to let them know what you have for sale is a big no-no

Even though everyone knows the goal of any business is to make money, it is not something that people want to have thrown in their faces. The idea is to subtly let them know that you offer products and services that are of use to them.

Excessive message sending can be seen as Spam or Flooding and get you blocked and possibly reported to regulators.

Targeting your base

Ideally you need to track your SMS Campaigns to build on what works and change what doesn’t.

In due time, a more sophisticated approach bases future campaigns on past consumer behavior. If a consumer responded to a particular message in the past tailor your next messaging to build on that. To do this you need to use an SMS service provider that can track clicks in your messages for you.

Plan your migration to rich content

SMS has great benefits, in particular immediacy and high open rates (>95%), however it is limited by being a text only channel.

Many providers are now starting to offer rich channels such as Viber. These are rather harder to get started with and require larger commitments. However as you see the benefits of SMS Blasting it makes sense to start looking for ways to make your communications more effective while still using your existing opted-in mobile number database.

As you can probably tell, sending sms text blasts is a great way to communicate with your customers and boost your profits.

With that said, it is important that you stick to these guidelines moving forward and engage a trusted partner to help you.

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