Viber’s Call-to-Action Button is the Ultimate Driver to Sales Conversion

by: Phil Gray

Viber’s Call-to-Action Button is the Ultimate Driver to Sales Conversion

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Marketing is a discipline that covers almost every aspect of our business and daily life, but if marketing had one critical success factor then the “call-to-action” would be it.

Every piece of marketing material we create is designed to move our leads further along the marketing funnel towards a purchase decision. As technologies have evolved, so have the methods to achieve this.

The digital revolution and rise of smartphones has sped up the pace of change for marketing even further. With multiple social and traditional platforms, our customers have more options and it’s become easier than ever for them to skip past our carefully constructed advertising. The need and ability to deliver clear and timely messaging to the customer along with an easy way for them to purchase has become more and more important.

Chat apps have thrived in this new world. They are particularly suited to providing a targeted and personalized approach to customer communication and Viber messenger is one of those platforms that seems to provide a perfect combination of features for Marketers.

Viber has seen a dramatic increase in market share over recent years. As a relative latecomer to business messaging they have been careful to preserve the users’ personal experience while gradually adding business functionality. Of all the features added, the “call-to-action” button is key – and still holds a lot of untapped potential for those in the know.

Why do you need a call-to-action?

The call-to-action is the invitation to take your customer to the next step of the buying process.

As the great advertising man David Ogilvy said: “when you write your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar”. Of course the objective of your marketing spend is to earn revenue – without an easy-to-use call-to-action you have wasted not just 80 cents but the entire dollar! In a sense, you are creating art in the content you put out. It may elicit a reaction, emotion or discussions but there will be no action from the other side.

Ogilvy also said, “advertising is art… with a strategy”. The only difference between the two is that advertising calls the viewer to take a specific action.

The rise of Business Messaging

For many traditionalists, the call-to-action comes after they have run the script, listed the features, preached the benefits, and addressed the criticisms. That was the old days of the salesman.

But over the years marketing has outpaced sales in its significance in the buying process.

Historically, you can picture a travelling salesman going door to door selling all different sorts of products. It came down to how she/he informed us of the product, its features, the benefits and then to drive the purchase with their closing questions: “Would you like the fire extinguisher in 5kg or 10kg?”!

More recently, print and other media started to take over the heavy lifting of informing the audience of product advantages and features. The role of consumer sales became mostly reduced to handling customer specific concerns and closing. Now many buyers have already done their research and made their decision even before speaking to you.

This could be a blessing or a curse for your company depending on how you look at it. If you are somebody who is very focused on one mode of communication then you may get left behind. But if you are somebody who thrives on change then you will come out ahead every time.

In this new world, we are leaving the era of websites and online stores and moving towards direct messaging and the landscape is still evolving.

What is Viber?

Viber is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the World.

It is fast gaining market share and now has over a billion users and 7 million interactions every minute. It’s many benefits for both users and businesses alike make it a VERY important platform to pay attention to!

With a message length of up to 1000 characters and expressive rich content, Viber Business Messages is significantly more engaging than traditional SMS. This allows you to write more satisfying and complete content – no need to abbreviate or skip over important points. Multi-part SMS can also support long messages, but typically cost substantially more than a Viber message. Further, without images, long text-only messages are liable to bore your audience.

Viber businesses have profile pages and verified user checks. This feature gives credibility and allows your contact to understand your brand better. This is important when you reach out to them so your messages have more impact

Viber also stands alone from other IP channels with more flexible billing arrangements. Some providers such as Promotexter even allow per message billing so it’s easier to start small and build up your messaging volume as you realize the benefits.

Features such as two way messaging and chatbots complete the offering to ensure your customer communication can meet every scenario.

What can the Viber call-to-action button do for your business?

Reaching your customers with a message is important but without a clear call-to-action you are not achieving your objectives. Viber Business Messaging provides a really clear call-to-action button. This ensures it is very clear to the recipient how to respond to your message.

In much the same way as email (but of course with massively higher open rates), Viber allows you to see opens and clicks so you can remarket and segment your base for ongoing campaigns. Look for a Viber partner that offers these analytics.

So how do you leverage the call-to-action to get your Viber business messenger game to the next level.

  • Have a clear tempting message to engage the recipient
  • Ensure the process for the customer to move forward is as seamless as possible – every time you force your customer to do something extra, you risk losing a potential sale.
  • Track opens and clicks – ideally use a CRM to segment your base. Target your messages to maximize the effectiveness of your spend.
  • Provide a way for customers with questions to get them answered (Viber 2-way chat!).
  • Respect your customers’ wishes if they don’t purchase this time. Keep the channel open for a future possibility.

Keep your goal in sight

Marketing is evolving from print, TV and the web towards highly targeted business messaging. Viber has developed a myriad of features to allow you to effectively communicate with your customers. But, to be effective you must keep the end goal in mind and provide an easy way for customers to move forward through your pipeline. The call-to-action button is a clear and easy way for your customers to take this step – marketers of the past could only dream of such an easy method. If you can master the use of that little button then everything else will be a lot easier, good luck!

If you want to learn more, come and visit us at As an official Viber partner we are here to get you started and help you be successful!

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